manual lifting device for gas bottles


  The patented and award-winning  HERO GRIP  opens the opportunity to handle,lift and carry gas cylinders ergonomically correct. Meanwhile we developed  8  different diameter of grippers. Seven  of the same principle. Your focus should be on the    9 1/4  inch  gripper   ( 40  LITERs  USA  etc. ) PRICES FOR CUSTOMERS  outside of Germany are   ca.  20 %  less    than shown in the german PREISLISTE  (button left side). Shipping costs all included will be from   8,50 €  up to  20,50 €  due

to the country you order from or the size of the  HERO GRIP.         We also created the  Hero Lift  ! 



8 -12 1/2" HERO GRIP + Baby- principles for safety

HERO GRIP - project


 According to the statistics - which is not conducted in Germany - the British economy    loses per year nearly  5 million  productive working days because of accidents with

high-pressure gas cylinders.Workers are injured and fail at least

for a while




HERO GRIP  is made out of the finest raw material ( Al  Si  Mg ).

The guarantee will last for    10  years     by using the tool proper.

Excluded from warranty are the rubbers and the colour - coating.


        The german BUNDESWEHR was convinced in the advantage of the

   HERO GRIP  regarding to the increase of occupational health and safety.

                  This ARMY established our manual grippers in 2008.

 Even NATO specific logistics numbers are assigned to the HERO FAMILY.


       This gripping tool - often used by welders - was invented to transport

  gas cylinders , that are filled with acetylene,propane gas,extinguishing gas

        argon , argonite , nitrogen , carbon dioxide , inergen , inergenPLUS

     pure gas , oxygen , chemical gas , technical gas , refrigerant or coolant. 


       We sold the   HERO GRIP   to Switzerland , Luxemburg , Finland ,

      Italy , Sweden , Great Britain , Austria , Hungary , Norway , Poland ,

                                  the Netherlands and to the U.S.A.


But , don 't forget about the single master , who ordered the  HERO GRIP  !

  40  LITERs  bottles   USA  etc.  

                                      CURRENTLY AVAILABLE GAS BOTTLE GRIPPERS

the diameter of  10"  is possible, too !




for gas cylinders diameter  8 inches
These are usually acetylene - bottles of 20 or 40 liters and 20 liters bottles

containing 200 bar or 300 bar filling pressure.


for gas cylinders diameter  8 1/2 inch
These are usually made ​​of stainless steel bottles for pure gases
with 10 , 40 , 47  liters and 200 bar or 300 bar filling pressure.


for gas cylinders diameter  9 inches
These are usually all bottles with 50 liters capacity and 200 bar or 300 bar 

filling pressure, as in the welding and in other industrial applications primarily used.





    production and


    Peter Henning



for gas cylinders diameter  10 1/2 inch
These are usually bottles for extinguishing gas / coolant

Please notice - it is the size of the hydraulic  Hero Lift 


for gas cylinders diameter  12 inches
These are usually bottles for propane gas  etc.


for gas cylinders diameter  12 1/2 inch
These are usually bottles for propane gas / refrigerant




 welding,technical gas,chemical gas,medical gas,balloon gas,party gas,gas in the gastronomics

                                     Baby  Hero   for 10 liters bottles  diameter   5 1/2  inch


please,spread the news

Baby Hero for gas in the gastronomics and med. gas

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material :  Al  Mg  Si 0,5  F 22

anodised clamping blocks + pad





rubber - layers give a good  GRIP , indeed !

clamping jaws. . SHUT - OPEN


DIHALTO   furnishings in METAL 


SEAL  similar to  CE  in the EU

TÜV NORD proved safety




HERO GRIP  in  NATO - green / black




shipping costs all included  8,50 €  -  20,50 €



weight of the gripping tool  -  2,9 KG


 9 1/4  inch                     235  mm 

 8  inches                        204  mm

 8  1/2  inch                     219  mm

 9  inches                        229  mm

 10  1/2  inch                   267  mm

 12  inches                      300  mm

 12  1/2  inch                   318  mm

  5  1/2  inch     BABY    140  mm


 1  inch                           25,4  mm  
  2,54  cm                           1  inch


                   designed by               

second Earth search enterprises





available for every diameter you need





largest gripper of the Hero Grip - project